3 Ways an iPod Chicago Wedding Reception Can Flop

A number of couples with tight wedding budgets may decide to use an iPod for their wedding reception rather than hiring a wedding DJ. While enabling playlists and hiring someone to monitor the iPod during the day’s events can be helpful and may be successful, it can also lead to silences, missed cues and the unfortunate reality of human and mechanical error.

Here are three ways having an iPod wedding reception can be a bad idea.

No Backups to Technical Problems

One of the biggest risks with planning on having an iPod for your musical entertainment at your wedding is that the equipment could fail! Anything can go wrong when you rely on only one electronic music player for your wedding.

You could also run into the problem of having poor quality speakers or speakers that work during the rehearsal but, for whatever reason, fail at your actual event. Do you want to leave your wedding entertainment to chance?


Hiring a professional wedding DJ ensures that any equipment failures have backup plans. Many DJs include CD’s in case the MP3 files in their repertoire do not work. Also, high-quality DJs often prefer to play your special dances on a CD to guarantee quick transitions and the right songs playing when you need them. Additionally, DJ’s often have extra equipment on hand in case cables or hookups do not function properly.

Will you have a backup iPod at your reception if you forgo the cost of a DJ? It’s likely not.

iPod Monitor can Miss Cues

You might think that hiring someone to watch the iPod on cues will prevent any problems that might arise. Wrong! Thisvideo is evidence enough that hiring someone to watch your iPod during your reception does not guarantee they will know the cues. They may not even know what order you plan to play songs or have special dances, leaving you or other members of your wedding party scrambling to correct the error.

A high-quality DJ will know when to follow your cues and can discuss with you beforehand your important dances and key events during your reception. Hiring a professional DJ company like APoshProduction will help you avoid any disasters with cues at your wedding reception!

Chicago Wedding Reception

Dead Air

What can be seen as one of the worst problems with relying on an iPod for musical entertainment at a wedding reception is the silence in between songs or playlists. Would a good DJ have dead air? Most likely not! A good DJ will read your crowd and know just what songs to play to keep the energy high and guests happy at your event.

Avert disaster and skip the iPod wedding reception. Hire a professional wedding DJ to help make your event fantastic!

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