4 Fun Chicago Wedding Trends

Weddings are known for following specific traditions. From the white wedding dress to the cake, couples like to use these basic elements to make their wedding special. However, there are many new trends forming that are popular among newlyweds. Here are four trends that are sure to be a hit at your big day!

Chicago Wedding Trends

Photo Booths

A popular add-on to wedding packages, photo booths help wedding guests let loose and have a good time! Many photo booths come with props and custom backgrounds, and often companies include a photo booth attendant to help out during the event. They are also popular with guests because they can take home a photo strip (or two) as a party favor!

Variety in Wedding Styles

From hipster to vintage, no style is dated; everything is “in” when it comes to wedding styles. There is no wrong way to decorate and theme your wedding – everything goes! Couples like combining casual and formal elements today, so don’t be afraid to choose a crazy or fun theme to make your wedding as unique as your love!

Changes in Décor

Weddings of all styles like to include elegant décor elements, such as uplighting and color washing. These new sights offer guests a visual bouquet to complement the sounds of the wedding. Whether you choose fabric backdrops or pin spots on important decorations, your wedding is sure to be a hit with creative decorating! 

New Traditions

Couples that dislike some of the older traditions, such as the bouquet or garter toss, are choosing to make their own traditions. Grooms cakes are quite popular, as are new ways to express unity at weddings. Sand ceremonies, where the couple pours different colored sands together to symbolize their unity, are particularly chic right now. Even if you keep older traditions, there are many ways to make them new again!

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