4 Signs of Cheesy Chicago Wedding DJ’s

Some wedding DJ’s take pride in providing high-quality performances and customer service to their clients. A Posh Production, Chicago’s premiere DJ and lighting companies, is among the wedding companies that excels at providing great experiences for couples at their wedding.

However, not every DJ does these things. Some DJ’s can be downright cheesy when it comes to working at weddings. Here are four signs your wedding DJ is cheesy, as well as some ways to avoid hiring a cheesy wedding DJ.

“Cheesy” Song Suggestions

Initial meetings with your wedding DJ are important so you can decide on your must-play songs. These meetings can also help you weed out any cheesy song suggestions you do not want at all.

If your DJ pressures you to include songs like the Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey in your playlists, chances are they are a cheesy wedding DJ.

Inflatable Props and Poor Decorations

Many couples desire elegant, formal affairs when it comes to their weddings. Inflatable props just don’t mesh with the style of these types of weddings. If you want your wedding to be elegant, avoid using a DJ known for cheesy props and decorations.

 No Crowd Reading Abilities

A DJ’s crowd reading abilities are essential to high-quality experiences. A cheesy DJ is one that cannot adjust to audience wants and needs.

A good indicator of a cheesy DJ is if there are gaps between songs where no music plays. The crowd’s attitude toward the DJ might also show that they aren’t pleased with his abilities. An empty dance floor when there should be a full one is a huge sign the DJ is poor-quality.

Poor Reviews and Few References

Poor reviews or reviews listing traits you do not want in a DJ are good signs you should look elsewhere for a wedding DJ. Websites like WeddingWire can help you find a good local DJ. The site allows clients to post reviews about their DJ based on qualities like the value of their services and the quality for the amount paid.

References are also a good way to distinguish good DJ’s from poor ones. Ask the DJ for references and talk to these past clients. If they have traits you do not want in a DJ, such as poor crowd reading abilities, they are likely to do the same at your wedding.

Don’t get stuck with a cheesy wedding DJ! Let APoshProduction help with your Chicago wedding!

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