4 Tips to Successful Chicago Wedding Planning

Anyone who has been a bride before can tell you it is stressful to plan a wedding! From cake decorations to guest lists and more, every week of wedding planning must lead up to the perfect wedding day.

Here are four tips that can set you on track with your wedding planning from the very beginning!

Start Early

Get an early start to wedding planning for the best deals, secured rates and dates. If you wait until the last minute to book your reception venue or ceremony venue, there is a likely chance another couple will already have it booked! Many venues and vendors recommend booking a year or more before your wedding date to secure your spot.

Another advantage to starting wedding planning early comes with the best deals and rates you can receive from wedding vendors, boutiques and craft stores. Someone planning a winter wedding, for example, might want to take advantage of sales in the summer after the busy wedding season to buy their wedding dress.

Successful Chicago Wedding Planning

If you plan to make your own decorations, planning early can ensure you have the materials you need from craft stores. It is better to plan ahead and assume the store won’t have what you are looking for next time than waiting until the last minute! Also, plan ahead for any coupons or discounts they offer during certain seasons! For instance, if you know you will have a spring wedding, buy the materials in late spring the prior year or look for clearance items in early summer around a spring theme.

 Choose a Budget and Stick to It!

One challenge most couples will encounter with planning their wedding is setting a budget. Factors such as family contributions must be considered, as well as any monetary contributions the bride and groom will make. Planning a meeting with your significant other, as well as any parent or contributor to the budget, is the best way to decide on a budget you all can agree on ahead of time.


Once you have sat down and planned the budget, stick with it! Many vendors, such as DJ and lighting companies, are flexible with budgets and offer discounted packages that can best work within couples’ plans. It might be tempting to add on extras such as additional performances or fresh flowers when you budgeted for silk ones, but do your best to avoid these temptations. Your financial contributors – and wallet – will thank you!

Recognize and Respect Outside Influencers

Younger couples that have mom, dad or grandparents helping with wedding planning, listen up! While you might have one vision of your wedding, your parents and grandparents might have other ideas.

It can become frustrating if you do not recognize their influence. After all, if they are helping with planning or contributing funds, it is likely they will feel they have a say in how the money is spent!

Keep an open mind when outside influencers (outside of you and your significant other) have their say. You might be surprised that their ideas really work for your special day!  Also, it is smart to respect their influence so planning goes smoother. While you might not always agree with one another, understanding their point of view will help alleviate any stress you have over planning.

Relax and Have Fun!

Wedding planning is an overwhelming process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Do your best to step back and take in the moments you are sharing with family and friends.

Wedding planning is a good time to reflect on where you have been in your relationship with your future spouse and look ahead to where you are going with hope and happiness. Yes, many wedding decisions must be taken seriously during the process. Do take a moment to sit back and enjoy your wedding planning. You will be glad you did!

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