5 Ways to Use Italian Lights in Chicago Wedding Decorations

Decorating for weddings is an important component of wedding planning that should not be missed. There are a number of options available and, depending on your venue, some decorations are better than others.

Chicago Wedding Decorations

Using Italian lights is a guaranteed way to bring style and elegance to your Chicago area wedding reception. Here are five ways to use Italian lights to accentuate your wedding decor!

Highlight Areas of the Room

Italian lights can highlight particular areas of your room. String the lights around the dance floor to get guests in the mood for your party. You might also frame your wedding cake table with Italian lights for better photos that have just a touch of elegance.

Create a Romantic Setting

Italianlights are perfect for romantic weddings! Dim the other lights at your venue and serve dinner as Italian lighting illuminates the room.

Keep the lights low as you take your first dance for an intimate gathering. Make sure your wedding DJ knows you want this atmosphere so he or she can provide the right kind of music! Doing a consultation ahead of time will ensure your wedding DJ knows your plans.

Ceremony Decoration

Do you need more decorations for your wedding ceremony? Italian lights are the way to go! Using Italian lights is not exclusive to wedding receptions; you might find that these strings of lights can improve your ceremony decor, too!

Evening wedding ceremonies can especially benefit from the use of Italian lights. These lights are not too harsh for your evening setting and set the mood for your big day. If your wedding venue is not fond of open flames, using Italian lights in your decorating might be similar to lighting candles. Try them out with your ceremony decor!

Pair with Lanterns for an Outdoors Effect

Bring the outdoors inside with Italian lights and lanterns! If you fear your outdoor wedding reception will get rained out, plan ahead for the weather and decorate an indoor reception for a swanky inside alternative. No one will notice the difference and you will not have to fear any sudden weather changes ruining your event!

Boost Your Party Atmosphere

While Italian lights can be used for romantic settings, use them with other lighting combinations to bring your party to life! Pairing Italian lights with fabric backdrops or intelligentlighting such as spotlights for an exciting dance party your guests will never forget!

Let A Posh Production help you use Italian lights for your Chicagoland wedding! The Italian lighting option can help boost whatever ambiance you desire!

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