An Element of Elegance- Custom Gobo Lighting


Custom Gobo Lighting

Gobo Lighting | Chicago, IL

While a wedding may be about sharing the moment with all your close friends and loved ones, that moment can be focused by displaying you and your soon-to-be spouse’s names in lights. Custom gobos help capture that moment, and add an elegant element to your reception.

Gobos are steel or glass plates that have a specific design on them that is custom made. Once these plates are attached to lighting fixtures, the design is then projected onto the desired surface for everyone to see. These projections are a small yet enhancing addition, as they bring the attention of a lively crowd to a wall or dance floor, adding a touch more ambiance than the uplighting has already provided.

Gobo lights are extremely secure and out of reach from guest and children, as they are either suspended from the ceiling or attached onto the top of a pole which is secured to a 50 pound base plate.

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