Wedding DJ Chicago

Wedding DJ is the best way to run the music for your wedding on your iPhone. With Wedding DJ Chicago, definitely yes! We recommend that you meet or conduct a phone interview with your DJ when booking with us to make sure that you feel that he is the right fit. If you decide to hire Wedding DJ Chicago, you will meet with your DJ again, in person, about 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date to discuss the agenda for the evening, introductions & announcements to be made, and your musical preferences & song selections.

Wedding DJ Chicago

Your team will be fantastic and will relieve so much stress because our experience and passion are second to none. Wedding DJ Chicago has been providing newlyweds with the highest level of professional wedding entertainment in the Chicagoland area. Our standards of professionalism and personal attention are unmatched in the industry and are reflected in the very positive feedback our customers consistently provide. We invite you to check out what past customers have said about our performances at their events on our Client Feedback Page and also on review sites.

The reason we have been so successful in satisfying our customers is that we take the time to understand their personal tastes and musical preferences. Couples that hire DJ-Chicago for their wedding reception meet with their DJ several weeks prior to their wedding day so they can be confident that their DJ understands their expectations for the evening, from the opening introductions to the last song of the night.

In addition to our personal attention and professionalism, another way that we differentiate ourselves from many other DJ companies is that we believe the focus of a wedding reception should be the couple, not the DJ. In fact, we feel that the only place for “cheese” at a wedding reception is on the appetizer tray and definitely not at the DJ table.

Because of this our DJs never:

** Sing, shout, or make unnecessary remarks over the microphone ** Lead group dances or conga lines ** Wear any type costume or ask you or your guests to wear one ** Play any type of game that would only be appropriate at a grade school dance

Wedding DJ Chicago

Instead of gimmicks such as these, we use a couple’s playlist and our ability to read the crowd to play the right songs at the right time to create party atmosphere that will be enjoyed both the couple and their guests.

Beyond providing the musical entertainment at receptions, Wedding DJ Chicago is also emcee the event and help coordinate the evenings activities with the wedding planner, catering manager, photographer, and other vendors so the wedding proceeds smoothly and the couple can enjoy their special day without worries.

Wedding DJ Chicago

At Wedding DJ Chicago we recognize that your wedding reception will be the most important party you and your fiancé will ever throw. It should be an event that reflects your personalities and is enjoyed by all of your guests. Clearly the DJ you choose will play a key role in this. Because of this, we recommend that you contact other DJ companies and compare them to DJ-Chicago. Below we have compiled a list of questions that we feel every couple should ask before booking a DJ for their wedding reception. We are confident that after comparing our responses with those of other companies you will see why Wedding DJ Chicago is the Standard for DJ Entertainment in Chicago.

After meeting with your DJ you can be confident that they understand your expectations for your special night. With many DJ companies you may not meet or speak to your DJ until your wedding date or, at best, a couple days prior. Unfortunately, at this point there is little that you can do if you do not feel they are the right DJ personality for you.

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