Wedding and Event Lighting Chicago IL

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Use lights to coordinate with your wedding reception’s color scheme and create the perfect ambience for your big day. Room uplighting will create columns of light that help tie together your design and décor elements. We use modern LED lighting fixtures that can match whatever colors you request. These lights are programmable and can change speed and colors throughout the night.

A Posh Production uses only the highest quality lighting and color palettes for your uplighting needs. Not only are the light bulbs energy efficient, but they are always cool to the touch and will not overheat.


Want to create a party atmosphere? Intelligent lighting is the way to go! Use intelligent dance floor lighting to transform any space into a nightclub or concert venue. Our lighting technicians control the patterns, speeds and colors you choose. Use the spotlight to capture those key moments. Intelligent lighting is perfect for any occasion!


A Posh Production knows how painstaking planning a Chicago event can be. It’s what we do for a living! You personally took the time to plan the event, now make sure all of your guests can see it. Our pinspotting equipment guarantees that nothing will be overlooked at your event. Let us illuminate your special centerpieces, place cards, or guest books by shining a ray of light directly onto these specific items you wish to magnify. Our experienced lighting technicians are professionals at placing the pinspots at exactly the right angle and location.


Bring old world charm to your modern event with Italian lights! These stringed lights with decorative globe lamps create a homey atmosphere and the perfect touch of elegance to your space. Suspend Italian lights over your reception tables or around the dance floor. Italian lights are perfect for any occasion!

Ceiling Wash

Illuminate your event area in brilliant colors with color washing! Unlike uplighting, which creates columns of light up the walls of your space, color washing bathes the room in the colors of your choice. Blanket the dance floor, ceiling or a select area with your color selection to create just the atmosphere you want for your event.


Liven up your decor with these hanging lanterns which will create an elegant atmosphere for your event. They come in different sizes and colors. Suspended above the dance floor, these lanterns will create the ambiance you have been searching for while also giving the room more life.


Transform your venue into an illumination of colors by having your tables light up the room! By placing LED lights under some or all of the tables at your event, you will be adding a unique touch that will wow all your guests. You can have every table lit up using the same color, or you can even have the colors change as dancing starts.


Add a custom projection to your wedding reception! Project your names, an elegant monogram, or custom initials in lights on the dance floor or behind the head table. This is a favorite among our clients and is sure to add a personal touch to your big day!


Have you always dreamed of dancing underneath the stars but your reception is indoors? Use our Laser Starfield Projector to get the same effect! Our high­quality projector beams thousands of pinpoints of light in your space to create the perfect starry night.


Imagine walking into the room and feeling like a celebrity, having your most special moments highlighted for everyone to see. With our spotlighting we can make this happen whether it be walking through the doors during your introductions or cutting your cake, spotlighting can make you look like a star for everyone to see and enjoy.


Pattern projections are a delightful wedding décor option for Chicago area wedding receptions. Choose almost any design and project it at your event in white or colored lights! From themed patterns to innovative, edgy designs, pattern projections are a fresh way to tie your décor together with lighting. Virtually any event can use pattern projections as part of its theme. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a school dance or a wedding reception, using pattern projections is a great way to please the eye and complete the look for your event.