Chicago Wedding DJ Pricing–The Breakdown

You just got engaged, planned your wedding and want to pump up the party with entertainment for your guests.  No one wants an empty dance floor or a room full of silence at any point during the reception – you want to keep the party going the whole night!  This is where the DJ and Master of Ceremonies come in; they will be the one to make sure the timeline of events throughout the night flow together smoothly. In order to find the perfect MC for the night it will take some well-spent cash out of your pocket.  According to The Knot, you should dedicate 8-10% of your Chicago wedding budget to music & entertainment.   All DJ companies will try to sell themselves and persuade you the best they can no matter their price.  You need to make sure you are doing your homework and researching the companies as well as asking friends for referrals, utilizing online review sites such as Wedding Wire before calling any companies. How can you tell the difference between what each Chicago DJ Company has to offer based on their price you may ask?

Chicago Wedding DJ

Here is the breakdown of Chicago Wedding DJ pricing:

The Craigslist/buddy rate

These prices range from $50 to $500 and there is a reason for that, they are the ones who DJ in their free time and just want some extra cash, which makes them not 100% committed to you as a client.  Their music selection will be very limited either to their or your own collection.  Their cooperation with other vendors, planning ahead with you, as well as their skills and knowledge of music will be poor.  We highly recommend you stay far away from this type of DJ entertainment for your Chicago wedding.

The not quite a pro yet rate


This category is a step up from Craigslist DJ, but not considered to be a top professional DJ company.  Prices will run from $500-$1,000.  These types of companies are ones who will rely on booking a huge amount of jobs every weekend and pay their DJ’s very little in order to keep up with company costs.  They are unreliable and there will be a 50/50 shot as to whether their MC skills and cooperation ahead of time will be great or terrible.  They are not unprofessional, but they won’t guarantee that your night will run smoothly.

The Professional rate

 Prices at this rate will range from $1,300-$2,500.  They are reliable and will plan with you weeks or even months in advance to coordinate with you and your other vendors.  All of these companies have professionally trained DJs with years of experience under their belts who will be accompanied by DJ assistants throughout the event.  Along with backup equipment and a legal music collection with unlimited song requests, this is sure to be the best wedding DJ you could pick.  Some packages might also allow you to add something extra, such as playing live music, music videos, or other interactive services.  We believe this is the best choice for your wedding day entertainment!

As you can see Chicago wedding DJ’s cost a lot, in the end choosing a professional DJ is worth the cost and will keep your guests entertained all night!  Here at A Posh Production We specialize in contemporary and elegant wedding receptions to fit your needs.  All of our DJs have over thirty years of experience combined and will keep in touch with you throughout your entire planning period.  Our DJs and MCs will take the time to sit down and talk with you about your specific music preferences as well as the timeline on your big day so we can help to keep things running smoothly all night.  A Posh Production is here to help make your reception a night you won’t forget!

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