Chicago Wedding Invite Etiquette

While it is easy to overlook, the wording on your wedding invitations can be crucial. Invitations usually include the host line, request line, bride and groom line, date and time lines, location line, and reception and R.S.V.P. lines. The wording and order vary widely, so it is important to make the wording unique to your situation.

Here are some tips to proper wedding invitation etiquette.

Communicate with Family

If the parents of the bride or groom are involved in wedding planning, it is essential to gain their feedback about the wording and offer to include them on the invitation, as they may be the hosts.

There are a number of examples available for wedding invitation wording. For instance, if the parents share a name, the format looks like the following: Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Williams. If the parents have different surnames, an “and” joins them like this: Ms. Jane Marie Parks and Mr. John Michael Williams. If the bride and groom are hosting the wedding, they may use the following wording: Miss Elizabeth Marie Williams and Mr. Douglas Arthur Sawyer. These are just a few ways the wording can vary by situation.

Titles and Names in Wedding Invitations

While it is traditional to use titles such as Mr., Miss and Mrs. Wedding invitations, there are ways to avoid titles. You may wish to spell them out, or omit them altogether. Your guests will likely not notice the difference.

Traditional invitations also include middle names. This is sometimes a nice touch, but is not necessary. Not every person has a middle name, and middle names may take up valuable space on your invites. Omitting middle names is perfectly acceptable.

RSVP Methods

Even though there are a number of methods to RSVP for a wedding, people still enjoy sending back their response on a card through the mail. Include an email address on your response card to which those who want to respond quickly can send their RSVP, but also include a stamped and self-addressed envelope if they choose to mail the card back.

A great source for Wedding Invitations and Printing would be Norm Wright at American Legal Forms

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