How to Gain Wedding Planning Inspiration for your Chicago Wedding

When beginning wedding planning, it is always a good idea to have some vision of what you want for your big day. But where should you start?

It can be difficult to find a beginning point for your Chicago wedding planning. You can find inspiration anywhere, but it is always a good idea to have some key places to look for décor, lighting and design ideas for your big day.

Here are five good starting points A Posh Production recommends to gain wedding inspiration and gather your ideas together!

Bridal Shows

Attending a bridal show can be a very rewarding experience. Brides and their wedding attendants can go to bridal shows to look at the latest trends, talk with potential vendors and even schedule appointments to talk in-depth with prospective caterers, DJ and lighting experts and wedding planners. Your significant other might want to tag along, too, and have his say on how things look!

Bridal shows are also great for meeting with other brides. Ask what they are doing for their special day and compare notes on what you have found to be most helpful at the bridal show. You will be well on your way to creating a good foundation for your wedding planning!

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Magazines and Blogs

Bridal magazines and blogs are helpful resources to use when choosing your wedding colors and fashion. Choose regional magazines to find more information on vendors in your area, or national magazines if you want to look at what’s trending across the country.

Blogs, too, can cover every spectrum of design, from seasonal and vintage weddings to wedding vendors specific to your region and more. It is fun to find inspiration from blogs because you have better access to the editor and can find out more information readily than with a magazine. Try both approaches to see what works best for you.

Inspiration Boards

A number of wedding blogs and websites include inspiration boards by color, style and season in their blogs. However, these are often created by wedding enthusiasts and not by brides themselves.

You can see what is trending with brides with sites like Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to create and rearrange your wedding ideas. You can meet brides worldwide who have pinned their favorite fashion and decorating ideas as reminders for designs at their wedding.

Attend a Friend or Family Member’s Wedding

A great way to get wedding inspiration first-hand is simply to attend a wedding! If you have a friend getting married or a family member tying the knot, attend their ceremony and reception.

Take mental notes and review with your parents or significant other what you liked about their decor and lighting, their cake and the transitions between events, and what you would change for yours. Attending an actual wedding is more beneficial in some ways than simply looking for ideas because you can see how guests react to the decor or how well the DJ kept the flow of the event going throughout the night.

Fashion Reviews

Lastly, consider looking at reviews on the latest fashions and what is coming for the season in which you plan to wed. Many fashion trends are popular with brides for the upcoming season.

For example, whenKateMiddletonandPrinceWilliammarried, trends such as lace and sleeves returned to wedding fashion. This wedding broad casted worldwide has had huge influence on weddings for 2011 and beyond.

No matter how you decide to gain inspiration for your big day, let APoshProduction help with high-quality DJ, lighting and decor options that you are sure to love!

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