The One and Only Guide You Need For Uplighting Your Chicago Reception

Uplighting can be an amazing tool for your Chicago wedding reception if done correctly. Like with any other type of decor, there are certain guidelines a bride and groom should follow when planning the lighting for their wedding.  As Chicago’s top wedding lighting company and specialists, A Posh Production would like to offer you a few words of wisdom when it comes to uplighting.

Hire A Professional:

It is extremely  important that when you and your fiance decide you want uplighting, a PROFESSIONAL is hired for the job. Skilled lighting technicians know how and where to place your uplights so they add architectural affects and look aesthetically pleasing. Don’t try renting the lights and setting them up on your own. In the long run, it will cost more than having a lighting technician do it for you (cost of power supply, tape, etc. will rack up). Ask your chosen lighting company to show you and fiance pictures of past lighting events they have done for other special events. Not only will it accredit their work, it will also help you and your fiance get an idea of what lighting affects can be done at your Chicago wedding and reception!


Don’t pick a color that won’t pop from your walls, for example, neutral or subtle colors. The point of uplighting is to add something extra to the room!  Popular colors among Chicago weddings are aqua, deep purple, magenta, and light pink. Pay close attention to the colors of your wall in your reception room. A dark purple uplight won’t really work with dark walls…choose something lighter to balance the darkness of the room!  Make sure the colors compliment your chosen wedding colors. Having green accents around the table and then mixing it with a light pink uplight might clash.

Equipment….LED or Incandescent?:

There are several different types of lights a lighting company might use at special events. Most companies use LED lights or Incandescents cans/fixtures. A Posh Production recommends that you always request LED uplights. LED uplights do not heat up like Incandescents cans which can become a safety issue especially with small children at the wedding. Incandescent fixtures also use more power (more noticeable cords) and there is a limit for color choice. Incandescent cans use a colored gel paper to cover the lamp. Unfortunately, if the color isn’t exactly to your liking the day of the event there is no way to change the shade. This isn’t a problem when using LED uplights. With LED uplights, your lighting technician can instantly change the color of your uplights.

Number of Fixtures:

Most of our Chicago brides request  between twenty and thirty uplights for their reception. The number of lights depend on how large  the room is and what is being accented. Going over board with uplights can completely wash the entire room and your wedding pictures will have a colored tint to them. On the other hand, it will be painfully noticeable to you and your guests if a whole wall is missing uplights. Important architectural spots to accent with uplights are columns, doorways, and corners.


If the lighting company provides wireless uplights, then go for it! Imagine not being able to see any ugly black cords at your reception. There is nothing worse than having a messy cluster of wires ruining the elegant appearance of your Chicago wedding. A Posh Production’s state of the art wireless uplights can last up to twenty five hours without ever needing to be plugged in.

Set The Mood:

Don’t forget, your uplighting colors will essentially set the mood for your reception. A light pink uplight will create a romantic mood while a bright purple will have more of a dance club vibe. The most important thing about uplighting is that it looks exactly how you and your fiancee imagined it would!

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