Chicago-Wedding Entertainment Options for Young Children

Weddings are a great time to gather family of all ages together and celebrate new beginnings. However, many formal weddings have little to no activities for young children, leaving them bored or feeling out of place. An unfortunate trend many families have encountered is receiving invitations that say, “No children allowed.”


If you want to have a formal event but do not mind including children as guests on your big day, use some of these fun ideas to keep the little ones entertained!

  Craft Activities  

For formal events, it might be a good idea to offer childcare that includes craft activities and a movie. While it might cost you a little more to hire a babysitter and find space for the children, adult guests will be grateful you took the extra time to think of the kids.

Chicago-Wedding Entertainment


Many craft activities can include coloring or messy markers. Avoid these if you can with the use of craft supplies such as pipe cleaners and glue sticks.


If you do decide to allow for coloring materials, incorporate your wedding with printed coloring pages of the bride and groom. Many computer programs allow you to create coloring pages from photos, so take a picture of you and the groom for the kids to color!

Add Kid-Specific Entertainment Options  

To go the extra mile in children’s entertainment, consider hiring a balloon artist or a similar entertainer to keep the children’s attention. Many entertainers can be hired for a few hours, which might be all you need to get through the toasts and speeches.


If you cannot afford to hire outside entertainment, ask your DJ to play some songs kids might like. You might even open up the dance floor for a few songs just for the kids if the atmosphere seems like it could use more youthful energy.


Using existing entertainment ideas, such as your wedding DJ, might bring many memories you never thought could happen. Dance with some of your little guests and pose for photos with the ring bearer or flower girl. Mom and Dad will thank you as they snap photos of their children having fun at the wedding!

  Include Dress-Up Clothes  

Do you plan to use a photo booth? Include the kids in the fun! Adding props is fun, but bringing out dress up materials just for kids might bring even more fun to your evening!


See how creative the kids can get with the dress up clothes at your wedding! Offer small prizes to some of your creative guests and make sure all the kids get a party favor to bring home. Avoid noisy gifts, however, so the parents do not have to take the favors away later.


It is always fun having children at weddings, but offering entertainment options just for them can be a challenge. Use some of these ideas to keep the kids happy during your big day. The parents will be glad you were so kid-friendly!


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