Choosing Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Colors

Perhaps you are the type of bride that likes to wear unusual colors. Perhaps you have been married before and are remarrying, so a white wedding dress doesn’t appeal to you.

Whatever the reason, brides today are choosing a number of non-traditional wedding dress colors for their special day. White is still a top wedding dress color, but with the number of dressmakers and fashionistas using non-white colors for weddings, it is tempting to also wear something that isn’t white. Non-white wedding dresses are a trend that is here to stay!

Here are some ways you can choose the wedding dress color that is right for you!

Choose for Your Skin Tone

When choosing a non-white wedding dress, it is important to consider colors that go with your skin tone. Choosing colors that wash you out is not recommended. No one wants to look washed out in their wedding photos!

It is good to ask a professional stylist what colors work best for your skin and hair. They may be able to offer suggestions of colors that you wear well.

Choose Something You Like

While this may seem obvious, it can be easy to fall into choosing a wedding dress color that you do not like, but others do! Perhaps you have attended other events where someone else had a say in your clothes. Do not let this happen when choosing your wedding dress!

Choose a color you like wearing for your wedding dress and pick accessories that make you feel comfortable, too. It is likely you will be in your dress the majority of the time on your wedding day, so pick something you will be happy wearing for an extended period of time and will also be comfortable hours later.

Choose for the Season

Seasonal colors are a great way to choose non-traditional wedding dress colors. You can not only use the season as an excuse if someone asks, “Why didn’t you choose white?” but can incorporate seasonal decorations. Choosing a peach-colored dress in spring, for example, might lead you to choosing wedding flower colors that accent the dress or a wedding cake with peach flowers adorning it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using seasonal wedding dress colors!

Remember, you should choose the wedding dress color that you want! Don’t pay attention to what others have to say about your final selection. It is your special day – make it what you want!

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