Cupcakes vs. Cake Pops – What’s best for Your Party?

One of the biggest trends in event planning the past few years, the switch from serving cake to more portable options has led many bakeries to offer sweets like cupcakes or cake pops in the cake’s place. These options are also great for DIY event planning, as they are not challenging to make or decorate.

Taking a glimpse at some of the benefits of cupcakes and cake pops can help you decide if these are viable options for your party.


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Cupcakes are a great alternative to wedding cake because they are easy to carry around and decorate. They come in a variety of flavor and color combinations, are easy to make from hand, and can be decorated for just about any occasion!

Cupcakes might be a good idea for events that require trendy décor. Using cupcakes allows you to decorate them much like you would a cake, but with less cleanup. If there are children at the event, however, cupcakes can still be a bit messy, as their little hands might not be able to hold them without a plate or fork for assistance in eating the cupcake. One way to avoid the mess might include making smaller cupcakes for younger guests. Decorate them the same and reserve them just for kids. Your guests will love it!

Cake Pops

Much like cupcakes, cake pops are small bite-sized cake balls that are often served on a stick for easier carrying. Decorations range from candies and chocolate to cellophane wrapping with ribbons. Bakeries can make cake pops for your event for a reasonable price, but you might also consider making them yourself from a store-bought kit available at most retailers.

Cake pops might be a good option for your party if you have a smaller budget but still want to get creative with planning your event. Cake pops can also be helpful for your guests watching their weight; rather than indulge in a large piece of cake, they can appreciate the smaller sweets you offer and still feel satisfied.

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