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When you book a photo booth for your wedding you can customize the pictures with banners text and more! But what about all of the selfies and snaps people take outside of the booth? Well there is a great new solution called Geofilters. A Geofilter is the perfect way to customize snaps, from Snapchat, right on your phone.

Here’s how it works. First read the submission guidelines to make sure your event qualifies. Then have your friendly wedding company, graphic designer, or artistic friend design Geofilter with either illustrator or photoshop.

When creating your work of art make sure you follow these quick tips so you don’t run into any problems with Snapchat.

1. Set the total image size to be 1080 pixles wide and 1920 pixles high.


2. Make sure it is set as RGB web for the color type.


3. Have it be transparent so remove any backgrounds(default is normally a white background)

rose transparent

4. Save it as a PNG.


5. Have the saved size be under 300kb.


If you need some help here are templates for illustrator or photoshop. illustrator iconphotoshop icon

Next is the tricky part. You actually have to go on Snapchat’s site and register for approval for your Geofilter. You will need to have the info of exact location, time, name, and much more for your event. Make sure you give yourself some time because approval is not instant and many times you can be denied for confusing reasons. If you want to avoid this and all of the details and confusion of creating a Geofilter you can always have your wedding company or graphic artist do it if they offer the service(We do!)

confusing guidlines.

Finally the fun part. Using the Geofilter!

First make sure your location services(GPS) is turned on in your phone settings. Then open the Snapchat app and take a picture. Once its taken you can swipe right or left to go through all the different Geofilters for your area. If this doesn’t work make sure Geofilters are enabled in your Snapchat. First go to settings, manage, and turn on filters!

snapchat geofilters on

If you still don’t know what all the fuss is about here is a short video showing how amazing Geofilters can be!

PS. Here is our office Geofilter!

a posh production geofilter

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