How do we submit our information?

All of your planning forms and music request lists can be completed at your convenience through the client section of our website. Please finalize your event information the week prior to your event. At that time, your DJ will call you to discuss everything in detail and ensure that they know exactly how you want

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Will you be available to answer questions?

Of course! Our staff and your disc jockey will be available to you throughout the planning process to help answer any questions you might have, from music selection to the best in lighting and d├ęcor for your big event.

How do we reserve your services?

If you would like to reserve a date, complete the booking form in the client section of our website and submit it with a non-refundable 30% deposit. The client section of our website also helps couples during their wedding planning process, making A Posh Production one of the premiere wedding DJ and planning sites for

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How far will you travel?

We have performed all over Illinois and the United States. However, additional travel charges apply outside of the Chicago area.

What happens if the equipment breaks?

We only use the best DJ equipment that is regularly inspected and maintained. Equipment failures are extremely rare. However, in case something does malfunction, our systems carry extra equipment so that if one item is not functioning properly, it can be replaced on the spot

What if the DJ is no longer with the company or becomes unavailable on the date of the event?

With your approval, we will substitute a DJ who is just as talented and has a similar style to your original DJ.

What if the DJ gets sick?

If, for some reason, a DJ is unable to make an event, we have back up DJs available. We also have standing agreements with other DJ companies to provide emergency services as a last resort.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have a $3,000,000 property and liability policy.

Do you use contracts?

Yes. Every event booked with A Posh Production uses a detailed contract with a list of requirements for each party. This protects from any possible discrepancies.

Are there any additional charges?

Unlike some DJ companies, we do not charge extra for events in downtown Chicago. We believe this sets us apart from other companies because we do not think having an event downtown means you should pay more!