Fun Ways to Use No-Flame Lanterns for your Chicago Wedding Reception

Not every venue allows for open flames. In fact, they are often banned entirely from ceremonies and reception halls simply because of the dangers involved. Brides might feel skittish around open flames, too, because their outfits often involve fabrics that would be sensitive to damage if they caught on fire.

Thanks to today’s technology, no-flame lanterns are a helpful alternative to using open flames. There are a number of uses for no-flame lanterns at large events like weddings. Some uses might include:

Romantic Table Lighting

Using table lighting that resembles the allure of candlelight can set the mood for the evening. Use lanterns with a light bulb that burns like a candle to get a similar look to open flames. Lanterns that use these lights are an effective way to have the similar atmosphere of a candlelit wedding without the risk of open flames and hot wax.

No-Flame Lanterns with Italian Lights

Pair your no-flame lanterns with Italian lights for an outdoorsy feel, no matter your venue location! These lighting options combined can make for a homey setting. The only fire you’ll start is the burning passion of love between the bride and groom!

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