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It’s where you search for everything from funny cat pictures to DIY arts and crafts. Recently, we have been updating all of our services with GOOGLE so that we pop up in more of “the best dj wedding lighting and decor service in chicago” searches. The big one that we wanted to do was a virtual tour(because it’s the new cool thing!) so we called around for GOOGLE certified photographers. We came across a few ranging from $300-400 that just gave us a quote over the phone however and said they could schedule a time to shoot the tour. However, one of the companies┬ásaid they would come over and do a site survey, talk to us, and give us a few ideas and a quote. We thought having the site survey was a good idea seeing as we hadn’t done a virtual tour before so we called them back and setup a time.


A few days later Matthew came over and not only nailed the site survey but also helped us improve our Google ranking in just a few minutes. He gave us huge insights into how GOOGLE works and ranks our site as well as giving us a few marketing tips. He then gave us his quote, which was a bit higher than the others but well worth it, and his card in case we wanted to explore more ways to market on GOOGLE. He did such a great job that he is now not only doing our virtual tour but getting a contract for marketing services as well.


This shows how a company going the extra mile can make a huge difference in service and an overall experience. Despite his slightly higher cost we decided to book with him for our virtual tour(COMING SOON!) seeing how extremely helpful he was with not only the service we inquired about but with suggesting other services that we hadn’t even thought of. Just as Matthew went above and beyond for us, we try to go above and beyond for our clients to try and form a relationship, not just a sale.

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