How the Wrong Lighting Ruins Weddings in Chicago

(Yes, the picture above is an actual attempt at uplighitng by someone.)

Using your décor to set the mood for your Chicago wedding reception is essential for weddings of every theme, size and season. However, it is completely possible for your lighting to ruin your event. Here are some ways your wedding lighting can set the wrong tone and even ruin your intended ambiance.

Bright Lights Ruin the Mood

Weddings with bright lights can be great for some parts of your wedding, but can ruin other moments. For example, bright lights can work well for dinner, but not your first dance. They might work well while you are doing speeches, but you might want a different lighting setup for late-night dancing.

Very Low Lights Distract Guests

Conversely, low lights can distract your guests and actually be a hindrance. During dinner, guests likely would like to see what they are having for dinner, and having lights too low might make this difficult.

Additionally, low lights can even be dangerous. If you have a reception hall that is in near pitch black lighting, your guests that get up to use the restroom or talk to others could trip and fall. It’s a good idea to have low lights for some moments, but wait until after dinner is served to dim lights. Make sure they aren’t too low as well!

The Lighting Balancing Act

In conclusion, it is important to realize low lights are good for some moments of your big day, but should be avoided for others. Talk to the lighting experts at A Posh Production for high-quality solutions to your lighting needs for your Chicago area event!

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