How to Choose a Chicago Wedding DJ

Many important elements must go into planning a wedding. From color choices and reception food, a couple must decide every detail for their day to go great! The same attention to detail must also work when you plan for your evening’s entertainment. Consider these important factors while you research wedding DJ’s for your big day!


When researching DJ’s, it is important to learn about their experience. Have they been in the business for ten years, or are they just starting? Other than weddings, what other venues have they played? Do they have experience as Masters of Ceremony? Ask these important questions to your DJ to determine if they are a good fit.

Chicago Wedding DJ

Good DJ’s will have experience reading a crowd to determine what songs should be played next. A DJ can have every song known to man, but knowing what type of music to play to keep a dance floor full is more important. Ask the DJ if their experience includes reading the crowd to determine what to play next. This is essential to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch!


Another important factor in the wedding planning process should involve the DJ equipment. For bigger crowds, more powerful speakers are a necessity. Ask your DJ about the equipment they use and if they think it will work with the number of guests you anticipate.

Music Style Choices

Every DJ comes from a different background, so it is no surprise couples might choose a DJ that has the music they prefer for their event. Find out a little about their background to determine if the DJ will be a good fit for the type of event you are planning. For example, if you want to have a wedding with lots of dancing, choosing a DJ with experience at nightclubs might be a good match.


Does the DJ work with a company that offers add-ons? Many couples may ask if the DJ company has lighting packages or a photo booth to accompany the sound experience for their guests. These are a great addition to your entertainment and will make your big day even more special!


What do others say about the DJ? Ask the DJ for references and call them! Ask specific questions about setup, the DJ’s performance and the quality of sound. This will help you determine if others were satisfied with the DJ’s services.

Check out sites like Wedding Wire for reviews about wedding DJ’s in your area. The site allows others to write honest reviews about their experience with a DJ.

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