How to Find Wedding Vow Inspiration

You’re getting married and have decided with your partner to write your own wedding vows. This can be a great way to customize your ceremony and make it like no other. However, it can be difficult to find inspiration for wedding vows. It’s not because you don’t love your partner; life just gets busy when it comes to planning wedding and vows might be put on the back burner!

If you’re struggling to write wedding vows, you might try and find inspiration from…

Hollywood Movies

Yes, it’s cheesy, but sometimes the glamour from the silver screen can inspire you to write your wedding vows. Love stories can get your heart soaring and thinking of your own tale of love and devotion. Plus, while the dialogue is scripted, it can still be sweet to see the couple’s lives become one.

Wedding Vow Inspiration

Friends’ Weddings

Wedding vow inspiration might be found from attending your friends’ weddings. Seeing your friends getting married can help you find that vow writing inspiration you are missing. Plus, unlike Hollywood movies, their love is real!

Anecdotes from Your Life

If you are still having trouble finding inspiration for your wedding vows, dive into your old photos with your significant other and take a trip down memory lane. Think about what brought you together and why you decided to take this big step in your lives. You will be well on your way to writing wedding vows in no time!

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