How to Use Bridal Shows Wisely

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Early in wedding planning, many brides might find it useful to attend bridal shows to find the latest in wedding fashion and to find high-quality vendors they might use for their big day. Bridal shows also give brides a chance to meet one another and talk about their wedding plans in a fun environment just for them!

However, it is important to take full advantage of the experience and not let it be the end-all and be-all of wedding planning. Here are some quick tips to using bridal shows wisely during the wedding planning process.

Meet with Vendors after the Bridal Show

Booking a wedding vendor at a bridal show for your special day can be an easy and convenient way to work through some of the hassle of wedding planning. However, it is still a good idea to meet with the vendor at their office at a designated time after the bridal show.

Many vendors will ask clients, such as brides, to give them contact information at the expo. This helps them track who stopped by their booth and how interested they were in the vendors’ services. They may also send these brides offers via email and telephone, which can be great for their marketing.

Once they give contact information, brides must ensure that they receive a business card from the vendor in case they do not hear back to set up an appointment time. Booking an appointment either at the expo or shortly after is the best way to guarantee you can use that vendor for your big day!

Meet Your DJ

Like other wedding vendors, DJ companies can come to bridal expos to briefly present their business to brides interested in using a DJ for their wedding. DJ companies are great to talk to at bridal shows because they work with other vendors to make sure your big day runs smoothly.

However, it is essential that brides meet with their chosen DJ after the bridal show as well so they can discuss the wedding in detail. This meeting should include a discussion of the wedding timeline and musical selections for the event, as well as music the couple would like to avoid being played at the event.

Bridal expos can go by quickly, so it is important to get the DJ’s contact information, such as a website, email address and phone number. Reputable DJ companies will willingly provide business cards to brides with all of this information. Keep their information in a safe place when you are at the bridal show so you don’t lose it!

Check Reviews

It is not enough to talk with vendors about their business; brides must also do their own research on the company. Websites like Wedding Wire are a good way to track what past clients have to say about wedding vendors. The site includes ratings that can provide a good idea of the clients’ overall experiences in customer service and quality of work.

Bridal shows are great, but brides must also take initiative to do their research and set up appointment times with vendors. Without these important steps, going to a bridal show can be all for nothing! Make sure you plan ahead to receive business cards, ask the tough questions to vendors, and read reviews about their work before making any final decisions.

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