Know Your Lighting! A must read for any Chicago bride…

Proper lighting can have a big impact on the look of your reception hall. Even so, bad lighting can make even the most beautiful Chicago wedding ceremonies and reception venues look boring, plain, or just plain ugly. There are a lot of options when it comes to lighting. You can choose a few simple uplights for your head table or go completely all out and drape your entire ceiling in Italian string lights. Whatever you and your fiancé prefer, great lighting can make all the difference and really set the mood of the wedding ceremony and reception.

There are many lighting options to go with if the reception is taking place indoors:

  • Uplights: These can enhance the reception room and create a certain ambiance. A magenta or blue wash of color will make a white reception hall really stand out. If you do decide to do a color wash, choose colors that flatter any skin tone. Changing the color of the wash throughout the night can have a spectacular effect. If you have many different sections at your reception, colored lights can be used to differentiate between each section. Uplights are also great for making your head table stand out.
  • Custom Gobo: A growing trend in the Chicago wedding scene is to have the couple’s name or initials projected in lights. This can add a very personal touch to your wedding and also looks dazzling. Choosing to project a design is also a fun idea for a reception.
  • Pin Spots: Incorporating some kind of light into a centerpiece can make it even more beautiful and extra noticeable as well. A bride and groom can use a pin spot to enhance a centerpiece. Most Chicago brides and grooms want a light shining on their wedding cake. This is very important and should not be overlooked. You want all of your guests to see and notice your gorgeous wedding cake that you probably spent a pretty penny on!
  • Italian String Lights: Stringing twinkling lights above can create a romantic and intimate feel for an indoor and outside reception. The lights can be incorporated with a tent or can hang on their own.
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Lighting can either break or make a Chicago reception. The lighting should reflect and enhance the theme of the wedding and reception. Whether the mood is supposed to be dramatic, simple, elegant, or like a party, there is always a right lighting option. At A Posh Production, we can make any Chicago wedding or reception really shine with our lighting options. Our lighting services include color washes, pin spot lighting, uplighting, custom projection and much more. Posh Production employees are lighting specialist and use the most advanced lighting technology in the industry. Don’t put off your lighting decisions to the last minute or give it to an amateur!

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