Live Band versus DJ

Having an event often means planning for some type of entertainment. Whether you plan to have music playing or some type of entertainer at your Chicago wedding, corporate event or school dance, it is good to weigh a number of options that please your guests and help them enjoy their time at your event.

One of the options for entertainment may include considering a live band rather than a DJ. Here are some important considerations you must make when choosing between a live band and a DJ for your event.

Live Band versus DJ

Live Band

A live band may include two, three or more people playing instruments or singing. Live bands usually require space for instrument and sound setup. However, when you are interviewing the band, find out if they will supply sound equipment. Most do, but it is best to be certain. You must also find out how much room they will need for setup and will have to account for that in your space.

Another thing you have to consider with having a live band at your event is it is a live performance. Therefore, there is a chance that someone will make a mistake, hit a wrong note, or get off tempo. However, a live band can be a great addition to any party because they bring their energy and passion for entertainment to your event. They may take requests, which will delight guests who have a chance to have their favorite songs performed.


Conversely, a DJ often does not need large space; they set up their own equipment; and there is only one DJ or small teams that helps with setup and tear down.

A DJ will usually mix songs from CD’s or MP3 files for guests. Like with live bands, DJ’s often take requests throughout the night. DJ’s can be a good option if you hire one with experience as an MC, too.

Let A Posh Production help you make your event spectacular with great entertainment options!

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