Recipe for a Good DJ

Brides and grooms looking for great wedding DJ’s often do not know what makes a good DJ. A large collection of music and good equipment is essential, but what else should a good DJ have to make your big day special?

Here is a short recipe-style list of components every good DJ must have!

A Scoop of Crowd Reading

A good DJ should know how to read a crowd. A DJ can have every song known to man, but knowing what type of music to play and when is more important.

Good DJ’s must read the floor every step of the way to keep the energy flowing just right. This might mean changing a song at the last minute to another one that better fits the atmosphere of the event. A good DJ knows how to do this without delays and just in time to keep up the energy of the room.

A Dollop of Event Planning Expertise

Good DJ’s are more than entertainers; they help plan the event every step of the way! Music is only 10% of what a good DJ does. The other 90% involves working with other vendors at the wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly while you enjoy your wedding day.

High-quality DJ’s will work every step of the way with the couple to make sure their timeline runs smoothly. If a photographer needs a cue for the cake cutting, or the parents need to be present for special dances, the DJ will make sure this happens.

Recipe for a Good DJ

Peace of mind is really what you are paying for when you find a good DJ! The key to a good event and a perfect DJ for the night is being able to make sure the event flows together smoothly.

A Heaping Helping of Heart

Good DJ’s are passionate about their craft and show it every step of the way! When it comes to wedding planning, communication is essential. Choosing a DJ with lots of heart will set apart your event. Rather than contact you only the week before the wedding, a high-quality DJ stays in contact along the way and helps with ideas and details from the day they are booked until the last song is played.

Finding a good DJ is essential to wedding planning. Knowing ahead of time the “ingredients” you want in a high quality, professional DJ helps even more!

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