Secrets to achieving gorgeous skin on your wedding day

It’s already nerve-racking enough to stand in front of a huge group of people with your husband or wife to be, you want to feel as beautiful as you can which includes gorgeous skin!  So how do you achieve this amazing glow on the big day?


First of all make sure you are never going to bed with your makeup on, that is the number one rule to follow when trying to achieve clear skin.  Going to bed with your makeup on can clog your pores, which causes breakout and can also cause wrinkles later in life if it becomes a habit.  Instead of crashing right when you get home take that minute to quickly wash off your face, you will also feel refreshed before bed as well.  An added bonus!


To go a step even further create a nightly skincare routine before bed that you can stick to months before your wedding. Dermatologist Doris Day, MDA recommends to cleanse your face, use a toner with a cotton ball, anti aging serum, a overnight repair treatment, and lastly a moisturizing night cream.  Keeping up with this every night will allow you to see the best results.


The most important step to getting that gorgeous skin glow just in time for your wedding is clocking that eight hours of sleep every night!  Your body needs to rest and going to bed just a few minutes earlier can improve the way you feel and skin looks enormously!


Starting this skin regimen just days or weeks before your wedding will give you that wedding day glow you have been looking for.

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