Outdoor Lighting & Other Ideas For Spring Weddings In Chicago

Spring is a time for renewal and often the perfect time to tie the knot! Couples taking advantage of the warm Chicago spring weather and beautiful colors of nature sprouting up can also use this time to decide on their spring wedding decorations.

Whether you’re in need of last-minute ideas for this year or thinking ahead for 2013, there are a variety of options you can do for your spring wedding! Let’s take a look at some outdoor event lighting options and decorating ideas that are sure to make your spring wedding special.


Spring Chicago Wedding Lighting Options

Although the sun sets later and daylight lasts longer, you might still consider some simple lighting options for your spring wedding. If you plan to have it outdoors, consider using Italian lights! They work perfectly for outdoor events and can frame your dance floor perfectly. Outdoor venues can also benefit from using a custom gobo projection. Consider placing a gobo of the happy couple’s names on a wall behind the cake table.

If you’re in need of assistance, the lighting experts at A Posh Production are here to help you with your springtime wedding! They will discuss with you what works best for your space and offer a number of options you are sure to love!

Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas

Don’t leave your wedding decorations to chance! Use some of these helpful ideas for a spring themed wedding.

  • Easter Grass and Easter Décor – No matter if you plan to get married before Easter Sunday or right after, using some Easter décor, such as Easter grass to decorate your tables, might be just what your reception needs.
  • Pastel Colors – Give pastels a shot for your wedding décor! That may mean using them for your bridesmaid’s dresses or just in the wedding cake, but pastels are a good bet for spring!
  • Animal Decorations – Spring is a time for rebirth, so use decorations with animals on them to symbolize this! Baby bunnies, deer and birds are really cute and can work perfectly for your springtime wedding!

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