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Hashtag Printing | Chicago, IL

The latest trend hitting up events is hashtag printing.  This awesome new trend is a smart and unique way to utilize social media.  Now instead of having just one photographer, you will have an entire room of them.  This allows all pictures taken throughout the event to be in one place to print together.  It’s as simple as Snap! Click! Print!  You just need to make sure everyone puts in the same coordinated keywords for your hashtag printing.


Snap a picture, upload it via twitter or instagram with your created event hashtag, and we instantly print your pictures on site.  Guests can take home pictures that were taken from the event that night.  Let every moment be captured and never forgotten with hashtag printing from A Posh Production!  This is a great way to see the views that your guests have had from a wedding, and gives you a better chance to see all the memorable things that your friends and family do at a wedding.

From seeing Uncle Jimmy breakdancing to your cousin Sally tripping over her own heels and not spilling a drop of wine, these are memories that can caught with social media.

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