Stage Lighting Rental Chicago

When you’re putting on an event, whether it is a humble school play or an extravaganza, Stage Lighting Rental Chicago is a must. Lighting is a driving force of your production, providing illumination, focus, and detail and altering the perceptions of the audience. There is nothing that so crucially conveys a mood better than a good lighting system, and with unlimited creative potential, will serve as a huge asset to your production.

Focus, position and hanging

Traditional stage lighting must be established with these three considerations in mind. Focus refers to where the light will be pointing; position refers to where the light will originate from; hanging refers to the actual act of hanging the light. Color, intensity and pattern (if any) will need to be considered next.

Hiring Stage Lighting Rental Chicago Company will help you decide and improve on the theme you have selected. If you are having your event under a marquee, consider computer controlled lighting systems. These could be used to project captions on the ceiling of the marquee or be used as disco lights to change the mood between speeches and dancing. Experienced event companies have a variety of packages and themes to choose from and they will customize a theme package to fit your requirements.

Stage Lighting Rental Chicago

If you are planning a wedding, be it corporate or otherwise the most important decision is the color scheme. It is often overlooked or not considered important, but the right color scheme well set the tone of your event. Whether corporate or entertainment, the color scheme you choose is a reflection of you or your company. Sight is a sense that plays a major role in daily lives. Even though you do not consciously register what you are seeing, the brain takes a note of it and factors it into your decision. For example depending on the color, a room can be made to appear larger or smaller.

Types of stage lighting

** Ellipsoidal – these lights are the traditional stage lights and considered to be the most important. They are focusing lights, the appearance on stage of which can be altered by shutters and filters. ** Fresnel – these lights are used for color washes on the stage. ** Scoop – basically a floodlight. Can provide a fully lit stage or area. ** Par Cans – these lights are the type you will see in even the dingiest of pubs. Always a hardy option, par cans can take a beating, are durable and easy to transport. ** Followspots – these are spotlights used to follow someone around a stage.

Event planning companies are mostly hiring Stage Lighting Rental Chicago that use LED technology. Improving technologies have made LED lighting closer in costs to conventional lighting, though it may be a while before you see LEDs approaching the same costs as incandescent. LEDs offer a wide range of colors to work with at a substantially lower power usage. In fact so good is the technology that stadiums constructed now-a-days all incorporate LED lighting on the exterior. These lights are often programmed to fade and contrast in the home team and visitors colors. The small size of the bulbs makes it possible to design features and images that are not possible with traditional bulbs.

Up lighting is directional lighting and as the name suggests in the vertically up direction. It is also known as accent lighting and is used to create dramatic, highlighting and various other effects. For example pointing an up light at a wall produces a subtle effect by creating a shaft of light up the wall that is reflected around the room as ambient light. Uplighting is a wonderful way to complement the room rather than be the center of attention. A few other lighting options are lights for the DJ or stage, the gift table, first dance lighting, a custom monogram and pin spotting the table center pieces.

Of course, there are more and more options available for stage lighting with the constant advance of technology. Now you’ve got the basics, here are a few more options:

** LEDs – these lights are good for focused beams and have been slowly replacing traditional bulbs in stage lighting. ** Dizzies – these lights are round spheres with several LED lights (usually of differing colors) covering the surface. The sphere rotates in a variety of directions and patterns, creating a swirling, dizzying pattern, hence the name. ** Gels – this term refers to the colors given to lights. They work as color filters, and must work in harmony with the color of the light itself to achieve the desired effect.

Stage Lighting Rental Chicago

Once you’ve got your types of lighting down, you’ll need to think about where to place them. Here’s a basic rundown of lighting positions:

** Front – this is used mainly for visibility and color effects. Side – can be used to great effect to accentuate action. ** Back – also used for effect. This type of lighting can create the illusion of depth on a stage, or even for silhouetting a person completely. ** Down – also contribute to the illusion of depth and can be used to isolate people on stage. ** Background – bold and sweeping, background lighting brings the whole picture to life, creating a cohesive picture.

It’s no easy task creating a lighting plan for your next event, be it a concert, play or corporate dinner. Expert advice is your friend here, so talk to professionals about your creative vision.

Event lighting companies analyze and study your event and come up with an action plan. This will tell them of the equipment they are going to need. Once they know what equipment and how much labor they require they start setting up at the venue. Most event planning companies have an event lighting branch of their own and using them is a good way to avoid chaos, delays and setbacks. Make sure that the company you hire makes arrangements for a full backup.

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