Why a professional hair and makeup artist can make all the difference on your wedding day

Av ChicagoMost brides and planners always make sure to to get the very best for the big things in a wedding such as venues, DJs, lighting and decor. However, some of the small things can have a huge and lasting impact such as the bride’s hair and makeup.  On average a bride spends six hours getting ready on their wedding day and it comes as no surprise that much of that is spent on their makeup and hair; for good reason too. Their hair and makeup needs to not only look beautiful throughout the ceremony but the rest of the night as well. They will be getting pictures that will last years to come and the last thing they need to be have is cheaply done hair and makeup that falls apart on their wedding day. A professional hair and makeup artist will ensure this never happens and bring out the true beauty of a bride.


Av ChicagoThere are many things to think about when hiring a “professional” hair and makeup artist. First off make sure they have the credentials of a true professional; lots of positive reviews, a good website, experience in the industry, and most importantly their hair and makeup license. Professionals will also be trained in new techniques in the industry such as airbrush foundation, which adds a timeless look to brides. Not only that, but the very best hair and makeup artists will come to the bride at the venue, their house, or wherever they need be. This can be a huge factor in relieving stress from the bride, by allowing  her to just walk out of her room and right down the isle looking perfect. Finally, if you are unsure about whether or not a certain hair or makeup artist is right for you; almost all professional hair and makeup artists will offer a trail to show off their skills and help you decide if they are the perfect one for you.

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