The Ins and Outs of Renting a Photobooth in Chicago

One of the most recent and steadily increasing trends at a Chicago wedding is the incorporation of a photobooth at the reception. There are so many great reasons why you should have a photobooth at your wedding. Although it has become a very popular fad,  brides and grooms still have a difficult time finding and choosing a vendor that will provide this service. Here at A Posh Production, we offer a great photobooth package for any Chicago wedding that will meet all of your needs and keep you smiling.

Gobo Uplighting Wedding DJ Abbington Glen Ellyn

Gobo Uplighting Wedding DJ Abbington Glen Ellyn

Anyone can have fun with a photobooth. It allows even your most apprehensive guests to let lose and have a great time! Children love the photobooth and it is a great way to keep them entertained during the reception. A photobooth can also be a time filler for guests who need a break from dancing. Even though photobooths at receptions are become increasingly popular, it is still a unique way to entertain your guests because no two pictures are alike! Your guests can walk away with a unforgettable keepsake from your wedding. They will  be able to remember your special event for years to come.

A Posh Production can add a special phrase to the bottom of the photo strips and the bride and groom can choose the artwork and photo strip style.  Make sure you, the bride, use the Photobooth Chicago IL as well! Taking a few snapshots with your new husband and bridal party will be so much fun and will create meaningful memories that you will be able to keep. By using the photobooth yourself, you are showing your guests how exciting and amusing it is. The guests will start heading over to the photobooth themselves!

Placing the photobooth in the correct spot at your reception hall is key. The photobooth shouldn’t be tucked away in a corner somewhere but it also shouldn’t be in the middle of the dance floor either! The photobooth should be large enough to fit more than five people and an attendant should always be present during the sessions. A Posh Production photobooths can fit up to ten guests and is wheelchair accessible. A photobooth attendant will also be with you and your guest for the entire duration of the reception to make sure the session goes as smoothly as possible.

When looking for a photobooth vendor, there are several aspects you should consider before booking the first vendor you call. Firstly, make sure you know how much you are willing to spend. Set a budget. The bride and groom should also know how long they want the photobooth at their reception. Many vendors allow you to have the photobooth the whole night but it will cost you a little extra. Try to find a company that includes the photobooth in some sort of entertainment package. This can save you an immense amount of money. At A Posh Production, if you and your fiance book a DJ entertainment package then the photobooth will be offered at a discounted rate.

Booking a photobooth through A Posh Production is a simple and smart decision. When you do find the right Chicago vendor for you and your fiance, book them at least three months in advance.

Abbington North Room glen elyn wedding dinner

Abbington North Room glen elyn wedding dinner

Check out the props the vendor has before making your final decision. There is nothing worse than supplying your guests with a great photobooth and then giving them old and boring props to bring inside. The bride and groom should want props that will enhance the pictures. on A Posh Production is constantly purchasing new props for their photobooth.

To find out all about our photobooth options, please visit our photobooth page!

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