The Top 5 Ways to Compliment Your Wedding Decor

When picking out your wedding decor there are many ways to enhance it even further by complimenting it with everything from lighting to floral. With so many ways we have put together some of the top 5 ways to bring out the true beauty of your decor.


Lighting is by far one of the best ways to draw out the true beauty of your decor.It can turn something like this into something like this.
backdrop enhanced

Some great ideas for lighting are color washes which can change or compliment the color of your decor; fairy lights which blend extremely well into backdrops and ceiling drape, and gobos/pattern projections.

Color washes can be obtained through either a wash light or in some cases uplights. A wash light tends to have a much broader more dramatic effect while uplights are more focused and generally have a much smaller footprint space wise compared to a wash light.
Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel backdrop with blue uplighting Naperville Wedding lights dancing couple to DJ
Fairy lights tend to be a lightweight light that is strung in tandem with decor such as backdrops and ceiling drape to give it a more dramatic and beautiful effect. This is especially true when you use it as a light source for a darker room which really creates a focal point for your decor.
Gobos and pattern projections are a great way to add a whole other dimension to your room and decor. A gobo can be used to project your name in lights onto the backdrop behind a head table creating a very personal and beautiful effect. While pattern projections can really spice up a room by either adding a beautiful pattern of roses, stars and more to your decor or by shooting it onto a wall or ceiling to fill in some blank space.
Meridian Banquets uplight backdrop with gobo projection Art Institute of Chicago Wedding DJ Lighting gobo pattern projection 2

Last on the lighting there is the traditional candle. Simple yet elegant candles bring a whole new dimension to traditional lighting. You can float them in water, line your ceremony walk with them, create a candle lit dinner and much more. They also tend to be very inexpensive compared to some other options if you go with a traditional flame lit candle. However, make sure to check with your venue on their policy for bringing in candles because many can have a very strict fire code.

DSC_0256 contrasting-centerpieces-lighting-6_0


While it can sometimes be on the more expensive side, floral is a great and unique way to bring out the beauty in your decor.

Putting floral on your ceremony or head table backdrop is a great way to truly make it shine and bring life to your venue. You can add floral in a huge variety of way from lining the top and sides or by having small votives with individual flowers pinned into a pattern along it.

couple saying vows in front of floral backdrop close up of floral glasses attached to backdrop couple under backdrop with vines and swags

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