Customizing Chicago Weddings

No two weddings should ever be alike. Customizing a bride and groom’s Chicago wedding is a top priority for A Posh Production. Our Chicago clients frequently ask us, “How can our wedding stand out from the rest?” A great place to start customizing is the dance floor. Ideally, you want your guests to spend most of their time on the dance floor at your reception. Why not make it the most interesting spot in the room? Here are a few techniques for customizing your dancing area to make it really eye catching.

White vinyl is always a great tool for customization. Covering the dance floor in a white vinyl adds an elegant yet simply feel that makes the floor pop! Our white dance floor looks amazing in wedding pictures as well.

Projecting lights onto the floor will not only customize your dance floor but can also create a night club ambiance that keeps your guests moving all night. Our state of the art intelligent lighting and break out patterns highlight the white vinyl dance floor perfectly. The Chicago bride and groom also have the option of washing their dance floor with their chosen wedding colors. Add a little fun to your dance floor!

A growing trend that is always unique at any wedding is adding a custom monogram to the dance floor. A couple has the option of projecting whatever they like on the dance floor. Chicago brides and grooms usually have their names, initials, or family crest shining on their floor.

Imagine walking out to have your first dance as husband and wife while being surrounded by a low lying fog. Our dancing on the clouds effect creates a fairytale atmosphere and is completely one of a kind. You can really take your guest’s breath away with this  gorgeous effect.

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