Top Wedding Myths That Might Fool You!

It’s always important to know you wedding faux pas, but there certainly are a few “wedding rules”  that you can overlook. Here is a list of the top four wedding planning myths according to The Knot!

1. Your friends photography skills are comparable to a professional.

Sure, your best friends takes awesome Instagram pictures of their vacations, but that doesn’t mean you should hire them as your wedding photographer! A real wedding photographer will know how to take different action shots, such as ones of you and your fiance cutting the cake, speeches, and dancing. Lighting is a huge issue as well as far as photographers go! Let this rule apply to videography, DJs and even food! Here at A Posh Production, we have heard horror stories from Chicago brides of receptions ruined because their unprofessional friends were their DJs! Don’t let your wedding reception be a bust!

2.  Traditional colors….always!

If you don’t love the idea of having a white wedding dress, then don’t wear one. This is your special day and you know what you look best in. A pale pink wedding dress has been a rising trend among Chicago brides and looks absolutely gorgeous. You can even coordinate your wedding colors with your wedding dress.  This rule also rings true for footwear and the groom’s attire. A simple sandal can look just as elegant as a high heel (and luck for you, it’s much easier to walk in!)

Top Wedding Myths

3. Giving it back

Just because another couple invited you to their wedding doesn’t mean you need to invite them to yours! You should be surrounded by your closest friends and family on your wedding day. Invite the people that mean the most to you! Don’t feel pressured to invite anyone you don’t want to. If anyone takes offense, explain that due to a strict budget you had to keep the guest count low. They’ll understand!

4. Pairs, pairs, pairs!

Your fiancee is struggling to find an equal number of groomsmen to match your ten chosen bridesmaids (trust me, we’ve seen this!). Don’t worry because there isn’t a golden rule stating you have to have equal numbers. If he has more groomsmen than you have bridesmaids, ask a few of the men to be ushers or readers at your wedding. What’s most important is that you are happy with the people you have chosen to spend your special day with.

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