Welcome Katie! A Posh Productions first Chicago Female Wedding DJ

Katie Braun is the latest DJ to join our team and the first female DJ at A Posh Production! Katie got her start DJ’ing parties during her college days at University of Illinois. A drummer in a punk band, Katie’s heart belongs to rock and roll, but she loves music of all genres, with a special soft spot for the oldies thanks to her father.

Katie is a welcome addition to any wedding because she is a young, talented professional that can relate to brides facing the stress of planning a big wedding. Katie can put young couples at ease as they figure out their wedding timeline because she loves to help solve their problems.

She has a propensity for creating eclectic playlists and loves to inject cocktail hours and dinner music with fresh tracks. Katie’s favorite aspect of DJ’ing is being able to sense the pulse of an audience and playing a perfectly timed booty shaker that electrifies the dance floor. When she hears the cry, “This is my jam!” it delivers her a joy she can’t properly put into words.

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