What Could Have Been A Wedding Day Disaster!

Every couple has them – those wedding day worries of being left on the altar, forgetting their vows, their DJ or photographer not showing up, or something else going terribly wrong. What happens when those nightmares become reality and your big wedding day starts to turn into a horror story? Jamie and Phil lived through one of those terrible tales first hand when their DJ who they “thought was a family friend” cancelled on them 15 minutes before their wedding ceremony started. You can imagine their wide-eyed look of horror and the ensuing panic that came from that call.


Luckily their wedding day didn’t turn into a modern day tragedy, as one of the bride’s friends thought quickly and gave us a quick call asking if there was anything we could do. Not five minutes later one of our top DJ’s Oliver, who had been relaxing at home on his couch, got up, suited up, and was on his way to help turn what would have been a disaster, into a modern day miracle. In just a short while after the call: “Low and behold a gentleman named Oliver showed up dressed professionally…! He quickly setup, we gave him the list and took control!! He was incredible!”. He kept people dancing on the floor all night and turned it into one of the best weddings Jamie and Phil had ever experienced.


So what went wrong with hiring the “family friend” to DJ their wedding? Unfortunately, as good-intentioned (or affordable) as family friends, budget DJ companies, or bar DJ’s may be, DJ’ing weddings is not their career. Professional wedding DJ companies have the planning software, the organization, and the know-how to make every wedding a success, week after week after week. After all, their company depends on it! As the old saying goes, sometimes you get what you pay for, and this is no more true than in the wedding industry. As said by Jamie herself, spending a couple thousand dollars on a professional DJ (or other quality vendors, for that matter) is a small price to pay, considering that you’re paying tens of thousands of dollars in other areas in an effort to create a magical night for you and your guests.


Let’s face it – we all love to save a few bucks where we can, and weddings are expensive. But what is the cost of something going wrong? What is the cost of hiring a non-professional to be the key orchestrator of your big day? These are decisions to be weighed when choosing your wedding vendors. Choose wisely. Check out our previous post on Chicagoland DJ’s here for some more inside tips on hiring a wedding DJ.

  Here is the bride’s first-hand review of her day, check out our Wedding Wire page for other great stories and reviews.   a posh production yelp reviewbride            

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