Wooden Dance Floor Rental

The size of your Dance Floor is primarily dictated by the total number and concentration of guests that will be using your facility and the type of event you are planning. Concentration is the number of guest that will actually use your facility at one time and the most critical number to estimate. For weddings and many events with a small event time span, it is generally safe to assume all of your guests will be using your tent at the same time. For Wooden Dance Floor Rental with long time spans or that have alternative destinations for your visitors, it can be more difficult to determine how many guests to use in your calculation.

Wooden Dance Floor Rental

If delays entering your facility or overly crowded conditions are unacceptable, you can use estimates of peak traffic levels based on total guest counts and alternative venue availability. History provides good estimates for difficult projections. If this is a recurring event, speak with sources knowledgeable about your event, especially tent rental companies who often have detailed knowledge from many different sources. They can provide useful information and validate your thought process. An experienced tent rental company will also have valuable insight for one-time or new events since they are likely to be comparable to other events they have serviced.

One big caveat for size estimates is weather. If you are using a peak estimate for your guest concentration calculations, it is likely to be inadequate in times of severe weather. Temperature extremes, precipitation and wind can all drive people to seek your shelter for reasons other than your intended purpose and they will often remain longer. It is important for you to understand any alternative shelter options, guest access to transportation during the event and prepare a plan for severe weather conditions.

Following are some guidelines for computing the size of a tent based on the event type and the concentration of guests. These are general estimates to be used as a starting point for a more detailed discussion of your event.

Planning a wedding, an elegant birthday party, or a super family reunion? If so, you want to make sure you pull everything off without a hitch. From the food to the chairs you sit in, learn how event rentals can help make your big day one that nobody will forget.

Dance Floors

A party is not a true celebration unless you have a great dance floor to boogie on. Event rentals include portable flooring that you can place in any large space, even in a backyard! If you need music and special lighting to make the look complete, these items can be included in the package as well. You don’t have to worry about setting up or taking down- the company you choose provides this service for you.

Tables, Chairs, and Accessories

Have a lot of people coming to your big celebration but you don’t have enough settings to go around? Never fear Wooden Dance Floor Rental provide beautiful tables, chairs, and even table settings. You can rent tablecloths in accompanying colors to match your venue, candles and vases, and even pretty sashes to cover your chairs and make them look mesmerizing. Since there are many different styles of settings to fit your decor, you can customize your party and make every guest feel like royalty.

Wooden Dance Floor Rental


If your venue is outside, it can get hot rather quickly. Canopies provide shelter and shade, so you can be prepared of all kinds of weather. Wooden Dance Floor Rental can set up and take down large or small canopies of varying shapes, so you can serve food, eat, or just hang out in comfort. These sturdy structures provide great shade, and are a welcome refuge in case wind or rain interferes with your big day as well. You can choose to rent a single one or have a few canopies available for varying stations to make your bash much easier to navigate for guests.

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