5 Fun Gobo Ideas for Your Chicago Wedding

Using a gobo projection for your Chicago area wedding is a great touch to your decor! Gobos can accentuate your reception hall and are easy to move around. If you decide to change where you want the gobo, it is quite simple.

With the help from professional lighting experts in Chicago such as APoshProduction, your gobo is sure to amaze your guests and keep them excited and engaged at your wedding reception. If you want a gobo for your event, choose from one of these five fun ideas!


Couples commonly want their initials illuminated in the gobo. Using a curvy font can make a very elegant projection and leave your guests talking long after your big day is over about how nice your gobo projection looked on the dance floor or on the wall behind your cake table.


Like your initials, a gobo using a monogram would use your initials in a stylish font and project it wherever you see fit at your event.

Using a monogram as your gobo projection is nice for elegant and formal events. If you use the monogram in other areas of your decorations, using a gobo with the monogram can be a good way to unify the theme and ambiance of your wedding.


Perhaps initials or a monogram does not appeal to you. Don’t worry – there are other options out there! See your name in lights with a gobo that spells out the couple’s first names! This is a great custom option that is sure to be a hit at your party.


Do you have a custom logo from your invitations or ceremony programs you want to use for your projection? Not a problem! Logos are a great choice for gobo projections.

Wedding Colors with Graphic Design

If you want to incorporate your wedding colors with your gobo, it’s very easy! Perhaps you want to add in a graphic design element that is related to your wedding theme. You can do this, too, with gobos. A graphic design can be a nice touch to your gobo and, like with a monogram, can be a good way to tie your theme and decor together.

Talk to the lighting experts at A Posh Production today to choose the gobo that best fits your needs!

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