Chicago Event Promotion with Social Media

Whether you are planning a wedding, a school dance, or a store opening event, using social media is a great way to spread the word and let others know about your event. There are a number of free tools available to help you promote your event online. Here are just a few ways social media is beneficial for event promotion and can be utilized for any occasion.

Facebook Invitations

If your business or cause has a Facebook page, use an invitation to your event to get the word out and invite others easily! Simply create your event invitation and send it to others that follow your page.

Chicago Event Promotion

The great thing about Facebook invitations is the ease of use and the number of privacy setting available. If you want to limit who comes to the event, this is done easily through the event settings.

Twitter Promotion

For large public events, such as fundraisers, Twitter promotions are a great way to raise awareness for a good cause.

However, for private events, posting to a social media platform like Twitter is not a very good idea. You might find yourself with uninvited guests or that your venue cannot accommodate the number of people coming to the event. Combining Twitter with Facebook invites might be your best way; make your invitation public and send the link through Twitter to others that can RSVP accordingly to the event.

Using Google+ for Event Promotion

A number of people use Google+ now for their social media needs. If you are an avid Google+ user, consider using the platform for your event. You might promote it through linking to your blog, other event invitation sites, or simple updates telling others about what’s coming next for you, your organization, or your company’s events.

Don’t Forget Email!

Email is still one of the best ways to promote your event. Its power should not be ignored! Make sure you use email to promote your event to family, guests and supporters, depending on your needs. Sending reminders via email is a good way to tell others it is time to send RSVP’s or any make any last-minute preparations to event plans.

While you’re working on planning your event, don’t forget your décor and lighting options! Let A Posh Production help you with your next Chicago area event!

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