Portable Dance Floor Rental

When you’re planning an important Portable Dance Floor Rental, a shelter for your guests may be a welcome feature. Outdoor weddings may be a typical event for tent rentals, but these stylish structures are perfect for other parties, too. Explore the options to see whether your guests need a temporary roof over their heads.

Unpredictable Weather

When you’re planning a major event outdoors, you are at the mercy and whims of Mother Nature. Rain isn’t the only enemy of your special day. Wind, heat, chilliness, dampness, and even sun can throw a wrench in your gala party. A variety of different Portable Dance Floor Rental can solve your weather challenges. Some structures are simple in nature, providing protection from rain or sun. Other options include fans to provide relief from heat and heaters to give warmth from chilly temperatures.

Beauty and Style

A basic shelter can be transformed into virtually anything you want it to be for your party. Decorate the structure in a festive or gala theme to match your event. Flowers, ribbons, balloons, and streamers can dress up or dress down the structure to make it over into whatever fits your party. Choose a structure with flooring underneath to make guests more comfortable. Flooring also makes the venue perfect for dancing. Some tents also come with ambient lighting to create a festive party mood after the sun goes down.

Portable Dance Floor Rental

Party Design

Choose a beautiful venue in a natural setting such as a park or a nature preserve. Your party can fit in perfectly to the outdoor surroundings. When you plan an event inside a building, you are confined to the preexisting layout of the venue. With an outdoor bash and tent rentals, you can create precisely the party design you want for your event. Perhaps you want the dance floor front and center to encourage guests to kick up their heels. Alternately, your floor plan might be better suited to have the dancing area in the back where it’s more out of the way. Create precisely the floorplan that fits your party, accommodating any style or theme.


An outdoor venue for a gala is typically less expensive than renting indoor accommodations. As you save money on some of the foundational aspects of your bash, you may find that you have money left over to spend on special touches like Portable Dance Floor Rental. With a beautifully decorated structure for your guests, suddenly your affair may seem more festive and exciting.


Consider the different types of lighting available. Lanterns lend a whimsical touch to any outdoor bash. Lights in a variety of styles can also be attached to tent poles to illuminate the festivities. Renting linens such as tablecloths and napkins to match the shelter will give your celebration an added continuity.

When you’ve decided to embrace the great outdoors for your upcoming blowout, the benefits of tent rentals are overwhelming. Erecting a shelter for your bash can help make your big date a success.

When picking music system rentals, especially speaker rentals, it will behoove you to know what options you will have to choose from.

We will first go over the must-have sound components for a dance party, and then mention the possible optional extensions which enhance the unexpected components, participatory components, and emotional components of your audio visual equipment rental.

Portable Dance Floor RentalMust-have components of a sound system rental

These are the bare minimum components of a portable sound system for a good sound experience when throwing a dance party:

** A pair of powered heavy duty speakers with the 800 Watt to 1500 Watt maximal power load. The speakers must come with high enough speaker stands for maximum sound clarity and range. ** A minimum of four-channel mixer to allow mixing of iPod, turntable, CD, and microphone sounds. You want to avoid long pauses between songs, and want to be ready to bring on the music that will get people back to the dance floor. ** The sound sources of choice, the iPod or an MP3 player, one or more CD players, and at least one microphone.

This is the additional audio video, AV rental equipment that, when used in moderation, can significantly enhance the sound itself, and make for a more memorable dance experience:

If you implement just a few of these additional sound enhancements in your dance party, you will likely find that people will come back to you after the event and thank you for a job well done. Your enhanced Portable Dance Floor Rental equipment will be well worth the money spent.

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