Trends in Bridal Accessories

Trends in Bridal Accessories

Over the years, a number of trends have influenced the wedding industry. From the rise of photo booths at weddings to changes in rituals at ceremonies, the industry has seen many changes. One area that is constantly evolving, bridal accessories continue to find influences in fashion and pop culture. Some popular trends include…

Cage Veils

All that’s old is new again thanks to the popularity of vintage weddings! Cage veils are available at a number of wedding boutiques and work great with any hairstyle. Even modern weddings that have fewer traditional elements can add a cage veil as an accessory for flairs of elegance. Cage veils can include beading and feathers, but can also be simple in order to bring focus to the bride rather than her headpiece.

Colored Jewels

Whether it’s the engagement ring or the wedding set as a whole, many brides are adding colorful stones to their rings. Diamonds are, of course, popular, but are no longer the end-all-be-all of wedding stones. Many brides choose birthstones in their rings or stones with meaningful symbolism. Family heirlooms that include non-diamond stones are also a popular option for the modern bride.

Trends in Bridal Accessories

Shorter Wedding Dresses

An increase in budget wedding planning and the economic recession has led a number of brides to choose dresses with shorter skirts. This is great for spring weddings, but a shorter wedding dress works year round, too! Shorter dresses can work for both formal and casual weddings, and may even include pockets!

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