Wedding Tips From A to Z

Ask Questions

When hiring your vendors, you should feel comfortable asking them any questions that come to mind to make your big day perfect! woman questioning

Behind it all, everyone is on your side

All the vendors, guests, and your family are there to keep your best interest in mind.  There may be those pushy relatives that want to make your wedding their own, but that is what a great wedding planner is for.  She is the person you should be able to trust no matter what. freinds together

Call all your fashionista friends

Bring all your friends with that expert fashion touch with you when going to try on dresses; other opinions will help you make the right decision.   Wedding Tips From A to Z

Doesn’t hurt to ask

If you ask when booking vendors for something extra such as extra hour of cocktails or any discounts they may give it to you when first booking with them rather than late minute when it’s a month or two before wedding.   lower price

Educate yourself on what a marriage license is

Go online and find out what the requirements are to obtain a marriage license in your state and make sure to give a copy of your license to your mom or maid of honor.  

Fun times all around

Overall you want your guests and yourself to have an awesome time celebrating your new marriage!     friends smiling and drinking  

Guests come first

You should know approximately how many guests you will be inviting to the wedding before booking anything since most vendors needed to be booked will be dependent on the number of guests attending. guest list

Have a collection of all vendor communication

Each time you communicate with a vendor about a change in agreement or confirm a time of arrival or departure print out a copy of the e-mail or note written so you have a paper trail of all communications. vendor timeline

Investigate wedding blackout dates

Research to see when big events will be happening in area you will be having wedding so those dates are not on your list of options to have wedding on since hotels will be more costly.   cross out date

Just be yourself

Don’t try going over the top with unique ideas that will take a lot of time and money.  Bring in touches that showcase you and your fiancé’s personalities.

Kids policy must be made

You have the options of making your wedding a kids free zone or welcoming the little ones with open arms.   kids playing  

Lighten your guest load

If you want to cut costs, the best way to do so is by trimming your guest list down.   erasing

Mother nature never lies

Know the weather forecast and type of weather for the time of year you will be having your wedding in.  Prepare ahead of time to have umbrellas for rain, heaters for the cold, and bug repellent for the mosquito season. storming during wedding

Navigate the path for guests

Be sure to ask the ceremony and reception sites for print outs of maps and driving directions so you will be able to provide guests with an accurate route to the venue(s). event map

Organization is key

Have a binder prepared with all of your notes from meetings with vendors, photos, magazine rip outs, and correspondences back and forth between vendors, along with vendor contact info. time organize    

Plan out extra meals

Don’t make the mistake of feeding your vendors and wedding day crew the same meal as guests.  It will add up to twenty or more additional meals.     food on plate    

Quality vendors

Vendors who respond to your first inquiry emails within a day or two and who also speak in person or through video chat with you multiple times before your wedding date, and who finally have great Wedding Wire reviews are the vendors to book! the best wedding vendor ever, a posh production!    

Rejection happens

About 30% of guests you will invite will not be able to attend.  It all depends on the date especially the time of year and the location.     rejected    

Set aside room in your wallet

There will always be those surprise expenses such as extra invites, embellishments for invitations or programs, or umbrellas for rain.    

Timing is everything

Create a timeline leading up to your wedding day as well as a timeline for the day of schedule.   Once this is created stay up to date with the timeline and start checking items off one at a time.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks to do.

Unleash your backbone

Stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to say “no” to a vendor if you don’t like something.  You don’t want to get nasty and turn into that bridezilla, but you want your voice to be heard.

Variety of hotel options

When looking at different hotels for guests and yourself to stay in, keep your options open with a variety of different price points.  Most hotels will give you a discount to block a certain amount of rooms.  Keep your guests price range in mind while looking at hotels. hotels for cheap    

Write down everyone’s digits

Have all your vendors’ names and phone numbers written down for an emergency contact sheet on the big day.  This will be helpful if someone gets lost, or there is a last minute revision to be made. emergency contact

“X”marks the spot

Finding your venue is the most important item on your list, once you find your venue all of your other vendors will fall in line and follow the lead of where you wedding will be held.  

Your time is precious

Reduce your stress by cutting tedious items off the bottom of your to do list such as hand making favors or baking the desserts yourself, instead just deal with confirming the final details with vendors. to do list


Get your rest before the big day!  A well rested, energized, and happy bride is what the whole wedding party and guests want to see.   sleeping      

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